Open Hardware platforms for Do It Yourself Biology

We are a group of 10 people interested in bio, hacks and data. Here we describe three Open Source Hardware (OSH) DIY Biology projects we are currently working on during 2017's version of the course bio353 (DIY Biology) @ the School of Biological Sciences, PUC. [programa]

Cell printer

The idea is to make (first) a 2D printer capable of printing 2 different bacterial-based bio-inks (E.coli with GFP and RFG) over an agar surface in a predefined 2D pattern which can be defined via a file or via Joystick. The idea as a proof-of-concept application is to test spatiall competition of motile cells when confronted one against the other in different initial arrangements in space. [go to project]

Aqua scope

The idea is to make a open source microscope which is capable of capturing 360 degrees panoramic photos of an intertidal tide pool while being submerged under-water, in order to produce spatial time series of the tidal pool. These time-series will be analized by exploring the usage of open computer vision (OpenCV) software. The idea for a proof-of-concept application is to deploy the scope at FCB's marine station in Las Cruces, ECIM. [go to project]

Citizen Science Kit

The idea is to make a open hardware pollution detection took-kit for citizen-scientists to measure environmental quality, and to also develop a web platform to integrate these measurements into open databases of air, water, and land pollution along Chile and grow a citizen-based network for environmental monitoring. The idea for a proof-of-concept application is to build at least four devices and deploy one on each of four campuses (plus a mobile bike-lab), and gather envrinmental data from these locations in order to map the data on to a web-accesible database and visualization platform. [go to project]